Get To Know Our Operation System

SMTT aim to be among the global industry leaders in the OEM & EMS industry. Our continuous investment in manufacturing facilities, relentless drive for operation excellence, lean manufacturing philosophy and technical development helps us to provide customers with cost optimization and innovative solutions. SMT also provide V.I+ (vertical integration plus) service that covered from scratch design to final delivery.

How 2D barcode and laser marking improve our manufacturing process

We use “scanner readable” 2D Barcode for general area such as PCB, carton label and shipping label , and also laser printed barcode on panel ID, PCB/ PCBA & plastic parts so that our parts can be properly identified. The 2D barcode we use is 2mm x 2mm and 45 characters . Because of its small size and ease-of-use, provides added benefits for parts, FG, PCBA, carton and shipping identification. But this is just one way that 2D barcodes are being used to improve our manufacturing. Our Barcode Management System is changing the goods we manufacture, facilitate our Warehouse, Production and IPQA verification. In summary by having this system we have achieve in saving cost, saving resources, and saving time in our manufacturing process.